MobileManage is a new way to look at data delivery, inventory control and data collection on the shop floor.  Designed from the ground up to run on a variety of form factors; including wireless tablet type devices.  Material functions for Receiving, Job Issues, Move to Inventory and Transfers are currently provided.  All Inventory functions will be done soon.  Labor reporting will be added shortly as well.

Key Features

  • Desktop or Tablets
  • Track Buy Items in Inventory
  • Simple Lot and Serial Number entry
  • Active Directory User-based Security
  • Does not require a Made2Manage User license
  • Barcodes or No Barcodes
  • Supports a Staging and Put-Away methodology
  • Mobility without compromise
  • Supports Made2Manage v6.01 and higher
  • No Posting Program

Mobility without Compromise

Traditional mobile devices are small, hard to read, hard to type, have limited information, and are difficult to support.  We have all mused at the warehouse person struggling to press the buttons on those tiny devices.

MobileManage eliminates these problems by delivering a range of form factors, reasonable screen sizes, and a design which eases data collection.  The application works just as well on tablets as it does a desktop, with barcodes or no barcodes, with your finger as a pointer, or a keyboard and mouse.

Warehouse Management and Put-Away

Most Inventory transactions can optionally be set up as a two-step process.  For example, when receiving inventory, it can be automatically brought into a staging location.  From there, the warehouse personnel can then put it away into the proper locations.  Likewise, when posting production (Moving to Inventory), the material can be initially staged; then the warehouse personnel will “put it away” from the staged location.

The mobile aspects of MobileManage are critical to the success of this concept.  Warehouse personnel can gather the material (one or many items) needed to be put away, hop on their fork lift, and scan the locations where they put it.  As with all features in MobileManage, you can elect to use this capability or not.

Tracking Buy Items in Inventory

Most people love the concept of Buy Items in Made2Manage.  But, many don’t use them like they should.  Why?  Because they go into the inventory black-hole, and you can’t find them when you need them.

That problem now goes away.  We have added the ability to track Buy (and yes, even non-standard) items within your inventory.  At Receiving, MobileManage allows you to put them into an Inventory location.  And during the Job Picking process, MobileManage presents to you where they are, no different than if they were Stock items.  Job Costing remains the same.

Lot and Serial number transactions

Lot and Serial number entry and visibility was top consideration in the design of MobileManage.  We have greatly minimized the areas that you need to type a Lot\SN number.  Available Lot\SN inventory is always presented to you, and it is a simple touch of the screen (or click of a mouse) to enter them.

In addition, the Lot\SN’s are immediately allocated.  So, the inventory that the person just picked up on the forklift, is no longer available to others.

Allocation of material

In multiple areas of MobileManage, an allocation capability was created.  For example, as you pick material for a Job, it is initially allocated and not issued.  While the inventory is in this “transient” state, the inventory will not be available for picking by another device.  This includes Lot and Serial controlled items.  Once the user commits the issues, the material is then posted to the Jobs in M2M.


Users on the floor can quickly enter a part(s) (scan or browse) and be presented all of the inventory, lot detail, on order and committed information for those parts.  No need to go to Made2Manage or some outdated report.

Likewise, the material status is provided for each component on the Job, including Stock, Buy and Non-Standard items.  The required, issued, picked (allocated), and available amounts for every component are presented.  Available amounts are detailed out showing the on-hand by location, on-order by vendor, and any Lot\SN detail (per component).

All this information is available at the swipe of a finger, or the scan of a barcode; by any user that needs it (tablet or desktop).


The Receiving function supports all the standard Made2Manage capabilities.  In addition, it supports the Staging and Put-away functions mentioned above.  A simple touch-based UI eliminates the need for filing and finding hard copies of the Purchase Order.  Once received in MobileManage, information is immediately available in the ERP System.  Lot and Serial Numbers can be easily entered or generated via Lot\SN generation rules.

The ability to print labels are supported, although the label design is tailored to each customer’s needs and formats.

Job Status

This function is basis for all Job-related functions.  Simply by scanning the Traveler barcode, anyone can immediately see the material status of all the components on the Job (Buy items as well), inventory availability for each component (OnHand by Location), what’s on order for each component (Po’s and Jobs), and what other commitments are there for this component.

Via the on-screen “Picklist”, and assuming that the user has permissions, they can highlight the component on the screen, then pick material by selecting from the available locations (and Lot\SN’s), or scanning the product in your facility.  Remember, picking these components allocates the inventory (and Lot\SN’s) to this Job.  Multiple Jobs can be “picked” at the same time.  Filters enable the “picker” to see just the remaining items or the items which have available inventory to be picked.

Once committed by the user, the Inventory is relieved appropriately, and the costs are updated to the Job.

Move to Inventory

This function performs the posting of production against the Job.  Inventory produced can be Staged to be put away later, or immediately assigned to locations.  If the Job is Lot\SN controlled, production can be easily assigned against a particular Lot\SN, simply by checking the proper Lot\SN.

The user is presented with important information, like the Job Quantity, the Completed Quantity, the Quantity already moved, and the Remaining quantity; allowing the users to make better decisions.


Transfers are the heart of the MobileManage Put Away function.  The user can scan, select, or enter one-or-more part numbers which they want to put away.  So, if the warehouse person is picking up all the Inventory which was received this morning, the user simply scans the labels on the product, or selects them from the “Awaiting to be Put Away” screen.

This basically “loads” their device.  Then they simply drive around, physically putting away the product, and updating the locations to the device (by scanning) as they go.

Inventory is now accurately reflected in the ERP.