Technical Services

Technical Services

Our technical service consultants are highly experienced IT professionals.  We can augment your IT staff or local IT services firm, allowing you to leverage over 17 years of Made2Manage experience.  We will work with your current resources and put together a solution which gets your IT project done right the first time!

The backbone of any ERP System is the network.  Most Made2Manage users do not have a full time person or staff onsite to keep up with the constantly changing IT world.  With servers, databases, operating systems, remote access, and more, things have become more complicated.  Having the Production Manager be in charge of the computer system, just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Made2Manage Upgrades

Whether your upsizing from VFP to SQL, or 7.01 to 7.02, we can give you peace of mind that your upgrade will be completed correctly, and come Monday morning, you will be operating without a hitch.  We will put together a complete package including a test upsize, report fixes, customization upgrades, final upsize and a project plan to make sure it all gets done on schedule.

Performance Audits

Is your system slowing down?  Our consultants will remote into your system and diagnose your network, SQL Server, and general health of your system.  A thorough review of the Made2Manage system and its setup will be reviewed as well.  Recommendations regarding hardware, networking, SQL Server and Made2Manage procedures will be discussed.

SQL Audits

Is your backup working?  You’d be surprised how many customers are not sure.  We will review your SQL Server setup, review your backup procedures, recommend improvements, and provide training on basic SQL Server maintenance routines.

System Upgrades

We work with your local IT staff or provider to manage your upgrade projects.  Don’t leave your ERP Systems vulnerable to the local “Geek Squad”.  We know Made2Manage and how important it is to your operations.  We will coordinate the efforts, purchasing of hardware and delivery, validate compatibilities with Made2Manage, and keep your company informed of the progress.

Migration Services

In this “New Economy” businesses are consolidating their IT Infrastructures, whether through corporate consolidation or growth.  Whether you are consolidating multiple Made2Manage companies into one, purchasing new companies which need to be incorporated into your ERP System, or you are moving onto a completely new ERP System, Progressive Edge has the knowledge and expertise to put together a plan which can effectively protect your data investment.

Other types of Technical Services include:

  • Optional Made2Manage Modules installations
  • Creating test companies
  • Moving servers (both SQL and domain)
  • SQL Server upgrades