Shipping Point

Shipping Point

Streamline and organize your Shipment process with Shipping Point for Made2Manage.  Designed for organizations with higher shipping volumes, it provides the ability to plan, allocate, pick and create shipping documentation within a easy to use interface.

Key Features

  • Inventory Allocation
  • Lot and Serial Allocation
  • Consolidated Shipping Manifest
  • Creates and Confirms Made2Manage Shippers
  • Auto-Transfer to "Staging" location option
  • Consolidate multiple Shippers into one "Shipment"
  • Bill of Lading with Containers
  • Does not consume Made2Manage user licenses

Shipment View

The Shipment View allows you to consolidate multiple Shippers into one “Shipment”.  Think of a Shipment as a Load going to a specific location.  Multiple lines, from multiple Sales Orders can reside on the same Shipment.

  • Changes to the Shipment are reproduced on all of the related Shippers
  • Confirming a Shipment confirms all related Shippers
  • Define Containers per Shipment
  • Significantly reduces paperwork


Customized shipping program for Made2Manage


Shipping Point allows an easy, straight forward system for defining containers.  Containers are defined at the Shipment level and can contain different parts, lots/SN, etc.

  • Drag and drop material from one container to another.
  • Weights can be entered for each container.
  • Ability to print Container labels (additional).
  • Facilitates BOL creation.

Advanced Shipping Queue

The Shipping Point shipping queue expands on the standard Made2Manage shipping queue in a number of ways.  In addition, it allows this function to be performed outside of Made2Mange, freeing up Made2Manage user licenses.

  • Time phased, rules-based, soft allocation of material availability
  • Creating Shipments/Shippers takes out of availability
  • Quickly view shipping demands by availability
  • Easily filter by multiple criteria: (Customer, Ship To, Part, Availability, Date, etc.)

Made2Manage Shipping Customization

Shipping Documents

The ability to create streamlined and complete Shipping Documents is a strength of the system.  The Consolidated Shipment document shows all of the related Shippers and Quantities in a single document.  Likewise the BOL is clean and automatic.

  • Consolidated Shipment shows all Shipment information in a single document.
  • Bill of Lading Document is supported with containers
  • Optional Part, Container and Shipment label printing
  • Additional Documentation such as Export documentation can be supported.

Made2Manage shipping customization document

Made2Manage Customization Bill of Landing