Item Master Flex-Control

A flexible view into your Made2Manage Item Master. Easily control who can view, edit, and add any Item Master properties, down to the user level. ***Coming Soon, Summer 2017.***

Key Features

  • Control field level View/Edit access to users and groups
  • Master Control New Part/Rev changes (Pending/Release)
  • Master Control field values (enforce) per Part across Rev’s and Facilities
  • Master Control the allowed Facilities per Part
  • Supports multiple Made2Manage Sql Versions
  • User defined Layouts (Column groupings and position)
  • View and Edit multiple parts, side by side
  • Control Facility access by user
  • Drill-downs into On Hand and Available Quantities
  • Does not consume a Made2Manage User license

Flexible Security

Control which columns you want each user to have access to. You may setup a user to only be allowed 5 Item Master elements (“fields”), and of those 5, only be able to Edit\Change one of those elements. User security can also control who can add new parts.

Flexible Security

Flexible Views

Flexible Views

Create custom Templates which control the Element (“field”) layouts. Layouts control the Grouping (like the Tabs on the Made2Manage screen) and the elements per each grouping. For example, the “Main” group may contain the Part Number, Revision, Description, and Facility. The “Category” group might contain the Product Class, Group Code, Source and Type. You create as many templates as you need, as many groups as you need per template, and organize the layout which works best for your company.

Flexible Columns

Ever want to compare multiple parts at the same time. You can add as many columns as you want to the Control, in any order you want. Want to compare a part number across three facilities? Just open 3 columns side-by-side. Want to compare all the Revisions of a Part side-by-side? Again, just add the different revisions to the control as new columns. You can even edit across multiple columns at the same time.

Master Control

Master Control provides the ability for authorized users, say the Engineering Group, to control the creation, release and editing of most of the Item Master elements (“fields”). Using this capability, Master Control (MC) will allow the creating of New Parts and/or Revisions prior to having them released to Made2Manage. In addition, it allows MC to identify specific elements (“fields”) which can only be edited by a MC user. For example, Engineering may want to enforce that the Description, the Group Code and Unit of Measure across all revisions of a Part stay the same. This can now be accomplished using Master Control.

Flexible Facilities

You can control which facilities a User has access to. You may have 3 facilities, but you only want a specific user to have access to 2 of them. This is not a problem using the Flex-Control. Utilizing the Master Control capabilities, you can even control which Part/Revisions are allowed in each Facility.

Master Control

Drill Down

Drill Downs

Drill downs into the On Hand and Available Quantities are available next to each element. No need to run another report or open Made2Mange.