IIR (Intelligent, Interactive Reports), formally the Cost Calculator, is a flexible Business Intelligence (BI) tool designed for Aptean’s Made2Manage ERP System.

This is not another report writing tool where the user still needs to create the reports and “mine” for the data. It has already been done for you. You get Business Intelligence which leverages over 15 years of Made2Manage experience.


A set of finished reports intelligently present key operating information to the user. These are not simply reports which dump data out of the system, but are developed by experts and power users to deliver fixes to common Made2Manage deficiencies.

  • Over 700 pre-configured data elements
  • Advanced Costing Algorithms
  • Performance Analytics
  • Sales, Production and Procurement Analysis
  • Role-based security

Provides the user with the ability to tailor each report to their own needs. Also, drill-downs to related information allow the user to branch off to other reports with in the master report. Users have the ability to customize just about every aspect including filters, colors, and layouts.

  • Add/Remove columns on the fly
  • Unlimited templates per-ueser
  • User defined KPI's per Data Element
  • Advanced drill-down analysis
  • Dynamic "Pivot-table" like analysis

Cost Analysis

So critical in this “New Economy”, Cost Analysis will make the difference between making a profit or not. What are your best products? Who are your best customers? You think you know, but do you? Let IIR show you.



Project Management

How is this project going? What materials are on order? When are they due? What jobs are holding us up? Gain complete visibility into your projects all from one screen.

Sales Order View

View Sales Order and Project results anyway you drag the columns.  Add new columns (“Data Elements”) on the fly, with the option to save and share your favorite templates.  Turn on the Column Indicators to identify performance standards and levels unique to your organization.  Drill-down into all cost and quantity values.



Template Creation

Flexibility is the key to IIR.  Users can easily customize the built in templates, dragging new data-elements onto the grid. Heading Names, Column Position, Sorting, Widths, Column Indicators, and Filters can all be tailored per user template.  A simple “Save As” allows you to create a new share-able template.

Detailed Feature List

General Features

  • Cost Effective

    Better Information, in a more timely manner is valuable. Eliminate all of the cutting and pasting to Excel in order to get relevant information. Typical Made2Manage users have had to IIR does not consume any Made2Manage user licenses, so you may be able to justify the cost right there.

  • Secure

    Security is based upon the Active Directory user. Role-based security allows control over sensitive data elements and views.

  • Complete

    With over 700 pre-defined, user configurable data elements, IIR is a complete tool. Designed from the ground up to improve the Made2Manage reporting deficiencies.

  • Unlimited Users

    IIR is licensed per server. In addition, it does not consume Made2Manage user licenses.

  • Flexible

    Users can create an unlimited number of report templates, for a virtually unlimited number of views. Users can "tune" just about every area of the view including columns/data elements, filters, groupings, sub-totaling and more.

  • Aware

    KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) can be define for every data element in the system. A formula builder allows for more advanced calculations. Each KPI can have multiple degrees of indication dependent on a range of acceptable values.

Cost Analysis

  • Theroretical Cost Reports

    IIR uses advanced algorithms to build "theoretical" costs based on user defined parameters, such as the actual cost of the last few jobs and/or the last few purchase orders. A simulated cost roll-up is performed and the new theoretical cost can be used in your margin analysis reports. Full drill-down is available for the source of any cost calculations.

  • Margin Analysis

    IIR allows for virtually unlimited ways to analyze your Margins. By Invoice Date, by Ship Date, by Customer, by Part, by Product Class, and many more. Any view allows for a complete drill down into all Material, Labor, Overhead, Sub Contract and Miscellaneous costs posted to the job. Customer Specific KPI's quickly highlight problem area's.

  • Job Costing

    IIR presents all of its Job Costing reports (and drill-downs) in a Product Structure view (ParentChild). This means you will see children Jobs presented as component costs on the Parent Jobs. This greatly enhances your visibility into where cost discrepancies are occurring. All reports have multiple views and filters. KPI's quickly identify "out of range" situations.

  • Cost Trending

    Because of its flexible design, IIR provides a unique ability to spot trends in your data. Easily find material and labor costs which are trending up over a specific time frame.

Project Management

  • View Dependencies

    Multi-level Job Reports show dependencies and completions. Easily identify remaining materials needed and labor steps to complete.

  • Visibility

    Complete from either the Project, Sales Order or Job into all related detail. Materials to issue, project purchase orders and status's, parts on order, part status's, part inventory, sub contract purchase orders and status's, labor operations and completions, and more.

  • Project Cost

    Summary to detail cost reporting for a project. Ability to report on "Committed" costs as part of the overall project costs.

Performance Management

  • Days Late

    Calculates the Days Late for Sales Orders, Jobs and Purchase Orders. Grouping allows you to aggregate and average by Customer, Part, Vendor and more.

  • % On Time

    Calculates the % On Time for Sales Orders, Jobs and Purchase Orders. Grouping allows you to aggregate and average by Customer, Part, Vendor and more. Settings allow you to determine what is early and late.

  • Average Lead Time

    Calculates the Lead Time for Sales Orders, Jobs and Purchase Orders. Grouping allows you to aggregate and average by Customer, Part, Vendor and more.

  • Purchase Price Performance

    Average purchasing cost analysis over a time-frame. View the Actual Invoiced Unit Cost, the Purchased Unit Cost and the StandardM2M Average Unit Cost and Average up by Vendor, by Part or Both.

Workcenter Analysis

  • Labor Analysis

    Efficiency by Workcenter and/or Part for any timeframe. Identify Labor trends, and validate Standards and Estimates to reality.

  • Load Analysis

    Simple, but flexible workcenter load Analysis by Planned or Actual Schedule dates. View by Workceter or Part.