Outlook Integration

Easily create notes, create tasks, and add contacts directly from Outlook.


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Key Features

  • Browse for contact or documents
  • Create note(Activity) inside of Made2Manage
  • Create task and assign to a document
  • Copy and rename file attachments to Made2Manage
  • Add a contact to Made2Manage

Linking Made2Manage and Outlook

In versions 6.01 and above, Made2Manage provides a “poor-mans” CRM system by allowing the users to create and track Activities and Notes tied to various Customers, Contacts and Documents. For example, you can enter and maintain notes which are tied to a Customers Quote or Sales Orders. In addition, due dates and attachments can be attached to each Activity. This capability provides a central repository to organize the many Activities and Attachments which relate to each document.

The problem is, today most activities and attachments come through Outlook via emails and attachments. And it was cumbersome to have to switch over to Made2Manage, cut and paste email text, and then save the attachments out of the email and then back into the Activity screen in Made2Manage.

Our Outlook Connector bridges these gaps and creates a seamless connection to Made2Manage Activities from within Outlook.

Save Note (Activity)

Our Outlook App allows you to easily save email from your inbox as an Activity.  Simply select the type, i.e. “Sales Order” and the document number, and press the Send button.  The email body will then be saved, along with any attachments you select, inside of Made2Manage.

Add Contact

Easily add contacts to a Customer inside of Made2Manage.  You can quickly add a contact from Outlook right from the inbox screen.  This will save the First name, Last name, and email address from the selected email.  Or to save full contact details, add the contact from the Contacts page, and all fields will be created inside of Made2Manage.

Add Tasks

Easily add tasks inside of Made2Manage right from Outlook. Simply select the document you want to add a task too, enter a subject, pick a due date, and fill in the details.  Your task has just been added.

Viable CRM

With this simple tool, Customer relationship management inside of Made2Manage becomes a viable option.  The ease in which new contacts can be created and notes can be added to these contacts and documents will make sure that you are best able to cater to your customers needs.  The ability to not only attach related documents, but also rename them before saving inside of Made2Manage, assists in this goal.