Bill of Material Manager

Bill of Material Manager

The Bill of Material Manager is designed to relieve your Made2Manage users of the menial tasks which accompany Bill of Material (BOM) management.

Key Features

  • Drag & Drop Editing
  • Advanced Where-used searching
  • Create Item Masters
  • Free's Made2Manage user licenses
  • Import BOM's from almost any source
  • Compare BOM's
  • Embedded Routings
  • Most M2M SQL versions are supported

Embedded Routings

This feature embeds the routing right along with the BOM and at the appropriate level.  No need to look up the routing separately.

  • Works on both single and multi-level BOMs
  • Works on all BOM types (Standard, Job, Order and Quote)
  • Option to turn on/off



Drag and Drop

Easily edit Bill of Materials and routings through a drag and drop interface.  For example, you can drag components (including sub-jobs) from a Job BOM into a Quote BOM.  It greatly streamlines the input process without any key-strokes.  Routings can also be dragged from window to window.

  • Drag from any BOM type to any other.
  • Drag the full BOM, or any portions of.
  • Drag routings from one BOM to any other (regardless of type).

In-line BOM Editing

Editing Bills of Material can be done directly on the BOM Grid in an Excel-like interface.  Full security controls which users can view and edit the different BOM types.  A dynamic interface immediately reflects what effects on cost a particular change will produce.

  • Excel like editing using Tab and Arrow keys to navigate
  • Bills of Materials and Routings can be edited
  • Supports All BOM Types (Standard, Job, Order and Quote)



Advanced Where-Used

The Where-Used functionality works across all BOM types (Quotes, Orders, Jobs and Standard).  In addition to your typical single-level search capability, the Full Where-Used search looks at where the component resides within the complete product structure (component to top-most parent).

  • Ability to search for multiple components (and/or logic).
  • Immediate (single level)  or Full (component to top-most parent) reporting levels.
  • Highlights exactly where the components are used in multi-level BOM’s.
  • Option to exclude Started and Obsolete Parents from search.
  • Limit scope to just active (within expiration dates) components.
  • Limit scope to product classes, group codes, customers, dates, statuses and more.

WYSIWYG Reporting

When you’re viewing a BOM on the screen, it will print out exactly as you see it.  If you have the second component on a BOM expanded and viewing its children, that’s how it will print.  If you have a routing expanded on the screen, the routing will print on the report.  Single-level or multi-level, what you see on the screen, is how the BOM will print.

  • User selectable columns and formatting
  • Option to include/exclude imbedded routings
  • User selectable indentation levels


Feature List

General Features

  • Embedded Routings

    In the Bill of Material Manager, the Material List and the Routing become one. No matter what type of BOM you are looking at (Standard, Job, Order and Quote), the Routings are available at the click of a mouse, at any level of the structure.

  • Any Level Reporting

    Whether you need a single-level view, a partially indented view, a fully indented view, or combinations of these, the BOM Manager can provide it (along with the routings). A WYSIWYG reporting module prints the BOM exactly as you see it on the screen. Again, across all BOM Types (Standard, Job, Order and Quote).

  • Compare Bills of Material

    Compare any two BOM's, whether they be two Standard BOM's, a Standard BOM and a Job BOM's, or an Order BOM and a Job BOM. The compare will compare both BOM's components and also the Quantity per for each Component.

  • Field Chooser

    Users can select the relevant columns for each Bill of Material type they need.

  • Component Warning Indicators

    The BOM Manager will validate each component and present warning indicators as appropriate. Some of these indicators are: Not Current Revision, no BOM and/or Routing for manufacturing items, Expired Part, Future Part, and more.

  • Security

    Uses Active Directory users. All modes of access (Read, Edit, Import) can be controlled per BOM Type (Standard, Job, Order, Quote). As well as the ability to add new Item Masters.

Where Used Reporting

  • Wildcard searching

    Provides the ability to look for components starting with, or containing a value.

  • Multiple Component Search

    Find all the BOM's containing multiple components. Use AND/OR logic to determine matching logic.

  • Component to Top reporting

    Need to find all of the Parent Items containing a particular component, anywhere in the BOM? Or how about all of the Jobs which used a component in the last 6 months (even if the component resided in a stock assembly of that Job. The Bill of Material Manager makes this impossible task possible.

  • All BOM Types

    This Advanced Where-used works across all BOM Types in Made2Manage (Standard, Job, Order, Quote).


  • Drag and Drop Editing

    Drag components or even assemblies from any BOM to any other BOM, regardless of BOM type (Standard, Job, Order, Quote). Optionally, you can even include the Routings in those drags. Reduce the manually typing.

  • Inline Grid Editing

    When you do need to type, do it in an intuitive Excel-like interface. Use the arrow-keys and tab keys to navigate like in Excel. Edit the BOM and Routing information in the same screen.

  • One step Copy of BOM, Routing and new Item Master

    Want a complete duplicate of a Bill of Material and Routing into a new Part Revision? The BOM Manager does it in one step.

  • Re-Order Routing steps

    Easily re-sequence routing steps back to 10, 20, 30, ..

  • Update OrderQuote Costs

    Quickly update the Quote and Order BOM and Routing Costs with the existing current costs in Made2Manage.

Item Masters

  • Create New Item Masters

    Provides the ability to create new Item Master Items for both End Items and Components.

  • Intuitive Item Templates

    Allows the end user to create new parts with as little as 2 pieces of information. You can create as many templates as your organization needs, with specific defaults for each template.

  • Security Controlled

    As with all areas of the BOM Manager, security controls access to this functionality.


  • Unlimited Import Sources

    Any type of Excel, CSV or XML files are supported to Import from.

  • Compare before Save

    Provides the ability to compare an Imported BOM before updating Made2Manage.

  • Mapping Wizard

    A simple wizard allows the user to create new maps for new import sources.

  • Full Validation

    All imports are fully validated against Made2Manage requirements before importing. Warnings and Errors can be edited on the fly.

  • Create Item Masters

    Missing Item Masters can be added during the import process. Security controlled.

  • All BOM Types

    Users can import to all of the Made2Manage BOM Types (Standard, Job, Order, and Quote).