What’s New in BOMM v2.2?

What’s New in BOMM v2.2?

  • On August 16, 2016

We’ve been working hard on adding some great improvements to the Bill of Material Manager. These improvements continue the effort to bring improved productivity to your Engineering department. We’ve reduced the number of clicks to perform common tasks, improved the Importing process, improved the Compare functionality, and significantly improved finding and adding item masters.  This upgrade is free to anyone on a current support subscription.

New Revision Defaults

Previously, we had the option to default to a specific revision using the Use Default Revision option. Instead of having to enter a revision, the default revision would be entered automatically. In addition, we have now added the capability to default the revision to the current revision. We have added both a Global and Local setting to control what happens when a revision is not entered. Selecting “Current Revision” will automatically bring up the Current Revision – you will not need to know it. This capability is also extended to looking up or adding components. If you don’t enter the revision, you have the option to automatically pull up the current revision. This setting can be overridden locally.


Default Level Explosion (Open Multi-Level)

You now have the option to default the initial explosion of the BOM’s in either a Single-Level or Multi-Level. Previous, all BOM’s were initially opened in a Multi-Level view. This setting can be overridden locally.

Replace Phantom View

When comparing a Job BOM to a Standard BOM, Phantom items would cause difficulties as the Standard BOM contained the Phantom part and the Job BOM contained the Phantom’s children, so this would throw off the compare. We have now added the ability to view and compare the Standard BOM with the Phantom’s exploded.


Browse Improvements

The browse screen is used to select BOM’s to be exploded and to look up Parts to add to the BOM’s. Significant improvements have been made to this functionality.

  • Pre-loading the Browse – this allows you to type in a few characters before initiating the browse, in effect pre-filtering the results. This results in a much faster response time for users with extremely large item masters. On both the Standard and Job BOM browse screens, the preload is based on the part number. So on a Standard BOM, a pre-load of “WF” will bring just the BOM parts starting with a “WF”. On a Job BOM, a “WF” will bring up just the Job BOM’s for parts starting with a “WF”. Once inside the browse you still have a myriad of search features.
  • True Multi-column, Multi-value text search – once the Browse window has been displayed, the user has the ability to search across all of the columns, looking for any number of words, in any order. So typing in “tube ¼ 8mm nptm” will return just the parts which contain those words, in any column (Part#, Desc, Group, etc.).


Productivity Enhancements

  • Quick-Add Component – If you know the component, a quick add allows for a simple, quick way of adding an existing part as a component on the BOM. Eliminates about 3 clicks to adding a component. So if you are quickly adding 2, 3, or 4 components off a sheet of paper, this significantly improves the productivity. Remember however, you can quickly import a list of items from an Excel spreadsheet as well.

Item Master Improvements

One of the great features of the BOM Manager is its ability to add Item Masters quickly and consistently through our unique template system. In addition, one of the main goals of the BOM Managers is to enable more access to your Made2Manage data, without having to have the engineer’s go into Made2Manage. In version 2.2 we have added an Item Master screen, which the Engineers can not only view Item Master information, but quickly add Item Master parts, outside of working on a specific BOM, and without consuming a Made2Manage user license.


Importing Improvements

  • Import to Place-holder – previously when importing, the user had to import the components to a specific BOM. But many times the user was not sure which of these components would be used, or prior to importing they wanted to compare the Imported BOM to the existing BOM and then decide which components to import. In v2.2, the user can now import to a “Place-holder” BOM. From there they can compare to another BOM, they can drag and drop components to another BOM, or created a brand new BOM (and Item if needed).

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