Progressive Edge integrates RFID Inventory Movement into the Made2Manage ERP System

Progressive Edge integrates RFID Inventory Movement into the Made2Manage ERP System

  • On November 11, 2016

Meggitt Polymers & Composites uses Progressive Edge, RFID IoT devices and Made2Manage to meet WIP and Inventory reporting requirements through the Shipment process.

Progressive Edge, is excited to announce the successful go live of their RFID Inventory Movement integration with the Made2Manage ERP System. Via RFID tags which accompany each production unit, the aerospace manufacturer now has complete visibility of each unit as it moves from operation to operation, from work-in-process into Inventory, and from Inventory to Shipping.

Meggitt Polymers and Composites (MPC) manufactures highly engineered aerospace composite engine components (spinners, internal multi-stage components, exhaust flaps), radomes (C4I and defensive measures radomes, with a growing position in civil radomes) and complex secondary structures (air-to-air refuelling, structural munitions components). Some of these components are used on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. MPC is a forward-thinking organization which demands the highest standards in quality control, cost efficiencies and delivery accuracy.

“The production control requirements of our products are demanding”, say Daron Giles, the sites IT Manager. “Our ERP System was not designed to handle the workflows necessary to meet our standards. Progressive Edge had “off the shelf” solutions which immediately brought improved throughput to our processes.” Giles continues, “Because of these successes, we chose to continue to partner with Progressive Edge to develop the interfaces necessary for the RFID tracking.”

The process begins by generating the serial numbers (SNs) using the Lot Control module from Progressive Edge. The RFID labels are then generated and tied to an individual part utilizing the Production Floor Traveler. As the product moves throughout the production floor, RFID readers pick up the material movement. At any point in time, they can see what operation any individual SN is at. At the end of the process, the material is simply moved into the inventory stores, and the Inventory is updated in the ERP System.

Likewise, the “Picking” process for Shipping is also automated. Utilizing the Shipping Point software from Progressive Edge, the backlog can be viewed in a very flexible way. Shipments can be scheduled and prepared for picking. As the material is picked, RFID readers validate, assign and allocate the SN’s to the shipper. Because the SNs are allocated, a SNs cannot be assigned to other shippers.

Kenneth Roy, the President of Progressive Edge explains “The integration to the RFID IoT devices is handled through web service calls. In turn, we simply update the ERP system where appropriate; by-passing much of the user interface overhead. Our existing applications provide the perfect integration points for Meggitt’s current and future workflow enhancements.”

Many companies have been constrained by the limitations and lack of flexibility in their ERP systems, especially when it comes to reporting on the floor. Progressive Edge has had extensive opportunities to enhance many areas of Made2Manage, providing solutions which work more efficiently and provide a real level of productivity.

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