New! GL View for IIR

New! GL View for IIR

  • On January 3, 2017

We have now brought the power of IIR to your General Ledger.  All the things you love about IIR: Intelligent Drill-downs, Interactive Grouping and Subtotaling, unlimited user-defined views, column level security, user-defined indicators and more; are now available for your GL Transactional data.

Unlike the GL Viewer (not available in 7.5+) and the Advanced Reporter, the IIR GL View allows you to look at your transactions any way you need to.  These other tools are starting at the Financial report and then you can drill into that particular column, but your analysis is dependent on the initial report.

The IIR GL View starts with the Transactions, then allows you to organize (and filter) them any way you need to.  For example, you can look at all the transactions for a particular Job, or you can look at all of the Issue to Job transactions by Part Number, or just about any way you can think of, based on any scope you determine.  You can also search for all the transactions for a particular dollar amount, regardless of subledger.

  • See ALL General Ledger information from all Subledger and Journal Entries on one screen.
  • Group by user-friendly and meaningful Transaction Types like “Shipped from Job” and “Cash Receipt”.
  • Provides the source documents and related documents where applicable.
  • Columns include: Subledger, Transaction Type, Account #, Account Description, Alias Name (Customer or Vendor), Document Number and Type (Check, Shipper, Receiver, etc.), Invoice # (AR and AP), Job #, Order #, Part and Revision, PO #, 4 user defined Account Segments, Post Date, Transaction Date, and of course Amount.
  • Filter by Subledger, Account, Account Description, Segments, Transaction Amount (including the Absolute value), Job #, Part #, PO #, Customer Name, Vendor Name and more!!
  • Drill up to other IIR Views like the Job View, the PO View and the Sales Order View for specific GL Transactions. See the whole picture.
  • Create and save views for different Month-end reconciliation tasks: COGS Analysis, Received Goods, etc. Save filters and the filter values with each user view.
  • Does not use a Made2Manage license. Works on version 5.60, 6.01, 7.0x and 7.50.

This example is to show the meaningful GL Transaction Types.  The groupings are by the Subledger, then the GL Transaction Type, then the GL Account Name.  Each node may be expanded to see the GL Transaction detail (not shown on this example).  Regrouping is accomplished simply by dragging the columns (like a pivot table).  Each user can determine the columns they want to see.


This is an example of the Selection filters available.  So you can search for multiple Accounts (Account chooser provided), you can use wildcard searches like Contains and Starts With for character values, and you can search for the Absolute value of a transaction amount (finding both the Debits and Credits).


Although a little hard to read, this is a search to show all of the GL Transactions tied to a specific Job.  Because of the amount of detail, only one set of detail transactions is shown, the Received Goods account for material which was purchased to the Job.  From this detail, you can link to the IIR Job View and see the Bill of Material for this job.  You can also link to the IIR PO View to see the detail on this PO.


Again, because of the detail these screen prints are difficult to read, but this is the results of a search for a specific value, $ 150.00.  It shows all transactions, across all subledgers for this value.




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