MobileManage .. a better way 2Manage!

MobileManage .. a better way 2Manage!

  • On February 19, 2019

We are excited to announce MobileManage, a new way to deliver and collect data on the shop floor for Made2Manage ERP users. Please check it out here: about MobileManage. You can also find our latest newsletter here.

Just a summary:

  • MobleManage delivers and collects data from the shop floor from a variety form factors, including tablets and desktops.
  • The Bill of Material Manager is now ready for v7.51. But that’s not all, check out the new capabilities including a Mass Add feature.
  • ItemFlex View, a flexible (and secure) Item Master for all your users.

None of these apps consume Made2Manage user licenses either!! We would love to hear from you!

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